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Member since: September 2, 2009 Good morning/afternoon/evening! I am NOT refering to myself as 'lord' or 'lady' in my username. It's simply Belisama, as in the deity of water, fire, crafts and light. A little about me: Currently, I am joining my school's Anime Club. We have a lot of fun. DDR, SSBB, movies--in other words, totally awesome. I love reading manga (and watching anime), and I sincerely hope I'll find some great friends here. :) Favorite series: Inuyasha, Bleach, xxxHolic, Tsubasa, YuYu Hakusho, many others. I also would consider other series. I'm kinda picky, but hopefully not enough that it would stop someone from offering! ^^; Realistic shojo manga is near the bottom of my list, though. I know I don't have many items on my For Trade list yet, but I hope to find many more hiding amongst the chaos that is my room. Feel free to offer a trade with whatever you may have, even if it's not on my wishlist. Many of the books on my For Trade list are fresh from the bookstore, but turned out to be duplicates of volumes I already owned. Unless otherwise mentioned, all items are new and undamaged. Also, if I reject a trade, please understand that it's nothing personal. ;)


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Bleach volume 6


Claymore 10


InuYasha Vol. 35


Nabari No Ou 4


Neon Genesis Evangelion Campus Apocalypse 2


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Action/trading figures or figurines

Anime Apparel: Anime/manga iron-on patches (Appliques)

Anime DVDs: Various, particularly xxxHolic, Bleach, Inuyasha, Rurouni Kenshin

Anime/manga 'How to draw' books

Anime/manga related jewelry (cosplay or regular)


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