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Hullo (<_>)/[]

Little Bit About Me: My nickname's Bindoh and I am an avid reader & collector of manga! I am currently 22, living in good o'l Virginny, and am surrounded by lots of animals. Literal cows and pigs :| Besides manga collecting, I also collect pins and those flattened tourist pennies things. I just can't resist them.

Manga Interests: My favorite manga genres include sports, horror, mysteries, seinen, shoujo, and cooking! My all time favorite manga series ever are Giant Killing and Oresama Teacher. Any item related to those 2 series are ez bargaining chips with me!

Willing to Trade For: Items on my wishlist! It's still under construction, though. And since my interests are wide and I am willing to try anything new, don't hesitate to offer me a trade of something else not on the list! The worst that could happen is I say no, right? I am also willing to sell, so if a trade doesn't work, money always will! Amirite or am I right?

Shipping Info: I ship through U.S. media mail, always with tracking information. I will always give you a tracking # with any shipment. I expect you to do the same! For trades, I ship 1-2 business days after confirmation of our trade. For manga sold, I ship within 3 days of payment being cleared (Paypal only!).

Packaging: Everything I ship will ALWAYS be packaged very carefully. However if you have specific requests with concern to packaging, I am happy to accomodate! I live in a farm area where rain and all things mother nature love to test my soul and saddened wallet, so I understand the struggle.

Payment & Contact Info: For buys/sells, I accept Paypal only. Preferrably through G&S. If paypal is truly, TRULY, not an option for you, I can also accept payment through Zelle. As for contact info, on here is great! but I am also available on Line and will probably respond faster there. Ask me for my Line ID if interested. (Tbh, I just really want to show off my stickers).

Thanks 4 reading m8s!


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My Items:

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Marmalade Boy vols. 1-6


Nana vols. 1-2


One Thousand and One Nights vols. 1-11


Rave Master vols. 3-4, 8-9


Shaman King vols. 1-3


Wish list:

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  • Afterschool Charisma vols. 8+

  • Banana Fish vols. 1, 3, 8-10, 15+

  • Barakamon vols. 2, 4+

  • Blood Blockade Battlefront vols. 3-4

  • Dragon Head vol. 4

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