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Member since: March 26, 2017 Hi, everyone nice to meet... trade with ya, you may call me ChocoboNinja it's a pleasure! I'm the proud owner of 953 manga(and counting)! So if you haven't guessed yet I love/collect manga but only, manga that I find interesting so if I buy/get some that I don't really care for(or extra volumes) I'll list them on here to trade with you lovely people. For the most part, the manga(or anything else really) that I list will be in excellent to very good condition, also all my items come from a non-smoking home since I have allergies. If you would like other ways to contact me online besides on here before you ship out something just ask and I'll give it to you. Also if you take a look at my list and don't have anything on it but have something similar to something on there feel free to ask if I would be interested because you never know I might be.


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Akibento Exclusive Scissor Necklace


Best of Shonen Jump Mini Funko Figure - Naruto Sasuke


Best of Shonen Jump Mini Funko Figure - Naruto Uzumaki


Best of Shonen Jump Mini Funko Figure - One Piece Luffy


Boruto Manga Vol. 1


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  • *Blast of Tempest Season 1-2 Dvds

  • *Funko Mystery Mini (Best of Shonen Jump) Naruto - Anbu Kakashi (Hot Topic Exclusive)

  • *Rave Master Manga Volumes 16, 19, 26, 28, 30, 33-35

  • *Return to Labyrinth Manga Volumes 1-4

  • *Sugar Sugar Rune Manga Volume 8

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    Reply to this message Tsukushifan on Sun, April 23, 2017 - 1:48 am CDT ...

    I looked through your extensive list and like I knew most stuff I was like O_O? lol but I do have the 1st v. of metamo kiss which I don't want anymore so I can send it to you but I did get it from a resale shop and it is beat up so again up to you.