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Member since: September 17, 2012 I've been a manga collector since 2000, and over the years I've accumulated a number of unfinished series. I update new listings as I decide what I want to part with. If you see something you're interested in on my trade listings, feel free to make me an offer (even if you don't have something off my wish list); I consider any offer I receive. All of my volumes are in Very Good condition, unless noted otherwise. I usually prefer volume-to-volume trades, though for a larger listing I'm willing to accept less in return since I need the shelf space. Once a trade has been decided (whether I've accepted a trade or you've accepted an offer from me), I try to ship the manga out within 1-2 days. If there are any delays, I will keep you up to date so that I don't leave you hanging on a trade.


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Chibi Vampire 1, 2, 3, 4, 5


Socrates in Love (manga/novel set)


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20th Century Boys 5-22

All My Darling Daughters

Beast Master 2

Black Butler 1

Blue Exorcist 1


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