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Hi, and welcome. :-)

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I'm only interested in books on my wish list at this time (with only a few exceptions). Trades of 2+ books/DVDs at a time only, please, to save on shipping costs. If you do not have 2+ books on my wish list, but DO have a account, I will also trade for PBS credits. I can also pay with them, if you'll accept them in trade.

I'll only trade for manga in very good condition. No water damage (wavy pages) or manga which smell of smoke, please. Please feel free to ask me about the condition of my own manga and/or DVDs.

No trades to locations outside the US - shipping is too costly, sorry. :-(

For light/small items - no need for 2+ item trades unless it says otherwise in the "will trade for" section. I'll happily ship those out alone. (This includes stickers, keychains, small figures, etc.)

If you see something here that you really want and don't have anything to trade, but you think you may soon, please contact me and I'll be happy to hold it for you.

Here's my manga backlog. I may not end up trading all of them, but. If you see something on this list that you're interested in, please tell me! I will bump that book to the top of the list.

Important Note! I've started a new job where the hours are the same as my local post office's hours. This means nothing for smaller trades, since I generally print the postage from my computer and can mail small packages (probably up to 5-6 books) from my mailbox. But for larger boxes which need to be shipped from the post office, I may need to wait until Saturday to ship. I apologize in advance. :-(

***Ad! I'd love to have referrals and it's a good program, so.***

If you'd like to earn certificates by searching the web and entering codes, please consider signing up for Swagbucks? It's pretty easy (I've made $100 since 9/2009 this way), and I'll pass along some awesome tips if you message me.

Also, click the button below and click the button mid-page to donate food to animals. The small, cute kitten implores you.

The Animal Rescue Site

***Ad transmission complete. Please return to your regularly scheduled Mangatuding. :-)


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After School Nightmare 1


After School Nightmare 3


Alice Sinn Dead Wonderland

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Black Knight 1 (Yaoi)


Canon 1


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*** = I'm most fervently wishing for these!

*** Fushigi Yugi Genbu Kaiden 5-7

*** Nightmare Inspector: Yumekui Kenbun 4

*** Ooku: The Inner Chamber 1+

**** There, Beyond the Beyond 5 as published in English by Singaporean company Chuang Yi. Will trade multiple manga for this!


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have u ever tried reading ceres? ita pretty good lol