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Member since: October 7, 2009 I'm open to either trading or selling the items I have listed. I would prefer a trade in most cases, but I'm just as willing to sell something if there's no acceptable trade. I will let any of my mangas go for $5 each. (That $5 does include my shipping cost for anywhere in the United States.) That being said - even if something's not on my wishlist - offer anyhow. You never know. I could be interested. Most of my manga books are in Like New condition, but I have tried to put a condition rating on all my books. Here's a breakdown of what that means. Like New: No or very little shelfwear. Book is clean and looks new. Very Good: More shelfwear than a 'like new' book. Sometimes these book will have a single, tiny tear somewhere or is slightly dirty. Good: Moderate shelfwear. Covers may have one or two bent corners, a reading crease on the spine, and/or is obviously dirty. Average: Moderate to heavy shelfwear. Cover may have multiple bent corners or a fold in it. These books also might have multiple reading creases on the spine, signicantly dirty, or slightly bowed. Poor: Books with extreme damage but still readable go here. A book listed as poor might have had something spilled on it, a severely bent, destroyed, chewed cover, or be extremely bowed or bent.


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Fruits Basket, Volume 15+

Games: Nintendo DS RPGs (and some other games - offer to see if I'm interested.)

Honey Hunt, Volume 5+

Jrock (especially Visual Kei)

Kare Kano, Volume 14 - 17, 19+


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