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Reiko the Zombie Shop, Vol. 01   Edit this encyclopedia entry Change image
Category: Manga
Subcategory: Horror
Publisher: Dark Horse
Product Details:
Description: Author: Rei Mikamoto
Language: English
Age Group: OT

Terror has struck the sleepy little town of Shiraike. A serial killer stalks the streets murdering innocent girls. Twenty-nine grisly murders have been committed, with no clues to catch the killer. That is, until the town receives a strange visitor: a beautiful young woman who can raise the dead. She is Reiko the Zombie Shop, necromancer for hire. For a price, she'll wake your dead, if only to find a clue to their demise, but she's not responsible for what the dead will say or do once they awaken!

Entered by: recycledk   On: June 6, 2007
Last edited by: mangatude   On: June 8, 2007

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Reiko the Zombie Shop, Vol. 01