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Shout Out Loud!, vol. 2 (Sakende Yaruze!)   Edit this encyclopedia entry Change image
Category: Manga
Subcategory: Shonen-ai/Yaoi
Publisher: Blu (Tokyopop)
Product Details:
Description: Shino's life just gets more and more complicated as he takes on a new job as a voice actor for the magical girl anime series, "Miracle Dieter Miyuki," which includes Mizusawa, a new co-worker who is even more outwardly aggressive in his amorous pursuit of poor Shino than Tenryuu. Nakaya becomes a bit obsessed with Shino's new work, which concerns Shino a bit, especially when it looks like he may be ignoring his hockey skills. Fortunately, an attractive and talented new hockey coach gets Nakaya's mind back in the ice rink, but with some unexpected developments. Then, a live radio show reveals just how determined Shino's admirers are (much to his dismay), and all three men are thrown together even more when they are signed up to do the voices for a new epic space opera anime!

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Shout Out Loud!, vol. 2 (Sakende Yaruze!)