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Maxion Book One I want them Both   Edit this encyclopedia entry Change image
Category: Manga
Subcategory: Romance/Shojo
Publisher: Central Park Media
Product Details:
Description: New from CPM Manga! Maxion is a comic book that manga fans just shouldn't miss! With a romantic, supernatural story as good as any TV show, from Buffy to Charmed to Dawson, and fabulous, exciting, sensual art by Battle Arena Toshinden artist Takeshi Takebayashi, it's got everything-romance, action, adventure, and beautiful girls! Collecting issues 1-7 of the fun, supernatural teen manga series, this great graphic novel tells the story of the love triangle of Yuichiro, a handsome teen, who finds himself swept away by the new student, mysterious blonde Shion, even as he tries to remain true his beautiful brunette girlfriend, Maki. When while on a student cruise, they're suddenly shipwrecked by a godlike supernatural, and Shion is revealed to be a charmed one herself! The Comics Buyer's Guide called it "charming and endearing manga," and you'll find it exciting and intriguing as well. Suggested for mature readers.

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Maxion Book One I want them Both