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Lament of the Lamb, Vol. 7   Edit this encyclopedia entry Change image
Category: Manga
Subcategory: Horror
Publisher: Tokyopop
Product Details:
Description: Chizuna descends into a state of unconsciousness, in which a stunning flashback uncovers shocking secrets about her past--and the true nature of her disturbing disorder. Meanwhile the horror and awe of the vampiric illness takes its toll on Kazuna, and he realizes that the only cure for the vicious infection is to do the unthinkable... This fever-pitched conclusion stirs up disturbing memories and the unlikeliest of possibilities for the siblings: Could Mother still be alive? And did Father really commit suicide? As Chizuna and Kazuna attempt to rid themselves of their dreaded disease, each sibling struggles to find a way to live free of sickness and finally rest in peace.

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Lament of the Lamb, Vol. 7