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Tip of the Day: Multiple Avatars
      Contributed by:mangatude on Sat, October 20, 2007 / 10:10am CDT in around mangatude

Hey, did you know that on the new mangatude you can upload up to 10 avatars - and - you can pick which avatar you would like to use whenever you make a comment? Comments under a person's profile, a trading conversation, a post, a discussion or an image set all now have the ability to choose from your collection of avatars.
How do you upload multiple avatars?

Main FAQ Post
      Contributed by:mangatude on Sun, October 28, 2007 / 7:10am CDT in around mangatude

Everything you need to know about mangatude is located here:
 FAQ posts

General questions about mangatude such as "what is mangatude?" and "how do I join?" can be found here.
Community related questions such as

Updated tutorials
      Contributed by:mangatude on Fri, October 12, 2007 / 6:10pm CDT in around mangatude

Three tutorials have been added or updated to help you around the new mangatude:
Tutorial on creating and managing a community
Tutorial on uploading a post