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2009-12-23 21:02:20
I've found and posted another copy of Alley of First Love if you are still interested? I'll wait a few weeks or until I hear back from you before I accept any other offer for it :)


2008-09-29 08:13:35
hey there :) you have alot of interesting titles, so if ever see something you want on my list, dont be shy ^_^; Cya 'round -yumi


2007-08-29 09:45:13
Hi - I changed Adult/18+ to Above 18 in all the places I could find. That may not fix the problem though. Some software will block based on ads or other keywords like "manga" and "anime". Let me know if this works! Thanks!


2007-08-07 02:23:36
Hello! Did you get my message about the trade offer? Thanks.


2007-04-03 01:30:45
Thanks for letting me know about the friends page problem. It's fixed!


2007-03-03 13:00:30

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2007-03-02 13:55:07
You're welcome! I hope you enjoy Let Dai. I just got volume 5 from AKADOT. I love the art. I'm glad you liked the bookmark too. Go!Comi messed up an order of mine and threw in a bunch of bookmarks. Also, I am probably going to put up the first volume of Cantarella up for trade. Make an offer if you're interested!


2007-03-01 08:20:02
Thanks! I'm not sure where the image is from. It's the first avatar I ever grabbed and it was labeled Cowboy Bebop. I'm skeptical that it's Cowboy Bebop, however. I sent your stuff out too. You should have it in a few dyas. It's coming first class because I hate standing in line at our sloooow post office and I use the automated machine.