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2012-07-20 15:15:00
Hello, Sorry this is so late in coming, I had someone send off your package early this week. I had to stay with my brother so I didn't get the DC myself until Friday. Your package is: 0311 3260 0000 6224 6815 I'll contact you later with any updates.


2012-01-24 00:06:11
Ello! I was wondering if you are willing to break up the set of Model you have. I only need 4 and on. Please let me know and I can link you to my available trade items.


2011-05-04 09:52:58
Hello, Please let me know if you might like to trade something for the below Japanese text manga, all in nice shape: Chinmoku no Kantai (The Silent Service) #1-6 Rokudenashi Blues #1, 3-20, 31, Rokudenashi Blues Shueisha Jump Remix #8, 9, 13