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Deathnote Vol. 1-12

Category: Manga
Genre: Drama
Language: English
Description: The popular drama/thriller series by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata. A high school student named Light Yagami gets his hands on a book called the Deathnote. With this note, he can actually choose the time and death of anyone he wishes by simply writing their name on its pages. He is followed by the true owner of the notebook; Ryuk, a Shinigami. Light chooses to utilize the notebook for "the greater good" aka wiping out the criminals of the world and creating what he believes to be an ideal utopia. The only thing standing in his way is someone by the name of "L"; an awkward genius prodigy, working with the police to capture the "Kira killer".

The entire Deathnote series for trade. All books are in excellent condition, minus obvious shelf wear. Will only trade in bulk; altogether.

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