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Ratman vol. 2

Category: Manga
Genre: Action/Adventure
Language: English
Description: Even with a successful caper under his belt, Shuto Katsuragi is still not very comfortable with his role as the dark anti-hero 'Ratman' for the evil secret organization 'Jackal'. Deciding to take advantage of Ratman's abilities, he tries his hand at some vigilante heroism on his off time from the organization. The first attempt goes well, and he even shows up in the papers as a 'mysterious, unnamed hero'. The second attempt does not go nearly as well, as he is mistaken for the criminal instead of the guy trying to stop the crime. The misunderstandings continue when he tries to break up a fight between members of a hero sentai team. He has to knock them out to do it, and a late-coming Ankaiser pounces on the excuse to pick a fight of his own!

Conditon: Excellant with a little bit of shelf wear on the spine and bottom right edge.

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