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Enchanter 7-8

Category: Manga
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Language: English
Description: Author: Izumi Kawachi
Blurb: Enchanter has the power to mesmerize every mere mortal, thanks to the devilish wisecracks and wicked body of the gorgeous Eukanaria. Haruhiko fights with all of his might to remain free of her spellbinding charms, but is he any match for a superhuman diva? Hearts swell (and Eukanaria's clothes shrink!) in this age-old story of love, laughter and demonic battles!
Condition: some yellowing to the edges, due to the book being left on the window sill. Otherwise like new
Rating: YA/16+

Offered by: funnypages
Will trade for: Anything on my wish list. If you've nothing on it, feel free to ask anyway.
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