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Claymore Vol 3 (Chapters 10 - 15) Teresa of the Faint Smile

Category: Manga
Genre: Horror
Language: English
Description: Vol 3 of Claymore by Norihiro Yagi
Condition: Used library copy, read multiple times, no permanent markings on cover or spine, cosmetic scratches on outside cover, library stamp on top edge, cosmetic damage on turn-in page.
Language: English
Age rating: M/17+ for body horror, dismemberment, graphic violence, brief nudity, crass language.
Retail cost: $7.99 USD.
TW: This series has a sexual assault attempt in/around vol 2 and 3.

Offered by: Nullipara
Will trade for: Wishlist TBA, I'd hope to combine this copy with another item I have for trade due to the condition it's in. $4 by itself (shipping inc) in the US.
Location: St Helens , OR , United States

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