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Chibi Vampire Volume 11

Category: Manga
Genre: Romance/Shojo
Language: English
Description: As Karin deals with the newly revealed defects of her own body and how it will affect her relationship with Kenta, Anju is facing her own set of problems. Anju has always been weak to sunlight but her aversion seems to be getting stronger. Could this mean she's close to becoming a fully awakened vampire? How will Karin react when she finds out? And will it tear apart the friendly sisters forever? About the series... Karin Maaka isn't like other girls. Once a month, she experiences pain, fatigue, hunger, irritability-and then she bleeds. From her nose. Karin is a vampire, from a family of vampires, but instead of needing to drink blood, she has an excess of blood that she needs to give to her victims. If done right, giving this blood to her victim can be an extremely positive thing--in the world of Karin, vampirism benefits the victim as much as the vampire. The problem with this is that Karin never seems to do things right...

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