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The Tomie Collection, Japanese DVDs x5

Category: Anime
Genre: Horror
Language: Japanese
Description: Tomie will Not dieTomie (1999 95 mins.)While investigating a murder of a high school student named Tomie the lead detective tracks down a schoolmate suffering from amnesia who can't remember anything that happened 3 months prior to Tomie's death and she starts to suspect the cause of her amnesia is supernatural. She also suspects there is something odd going on next door with her new neighbor who is rearing a peculiar creature. Over the span of a week the creature grows into a beautiful teenage girl who responds to the name Tomie can't die.Tomie Another Face (1999 72 mins.)Three tales of terror featuring the girl that will not die... Tomie. In the first tale a student grieves the death of his girlfriend Tomie. When his former girlfriend sees this as an opportunity to get back her old boyfriend Tomie returns from the dead. In the second story a cameraman meets a beautiful girl named Tomie in the park. She seems to be a dead ringer for a girl he once met long ago. In the last tale an ex-coroner is pursuing a mysterious woman named Tomie but she has many men pursuing her and they'll all do anything to make her theirs.Tomie Replay (2000 95 mins.)A young girl is hospitalized. When an ultrasound examination reveals that there's something moving inside of her a surgeon operates only to find himself faced with -- not a baby but the disembodied head of a beautiful adult woman. Her name is Tomie and she is in the process of regenerating herself. The surgeon disappears infected by Tomie's blood leaving his daughter Yumi to find out who Tomie is and what happened to her father.Tomie Rebirth (2001 101 mins.)Hideo and art student murders his model Tomie when she slices up one of his paintings. Later on at a party Hideo and his friends notice a girl who happens to have a facial mole in the exact same spot as Tomie. Soon Hideo is missing and the two friends notice that this girl is starting to look more and more like Tomie.

Live action DVDs by the author Junji Ito (Gyo, Tomie, museum of horror). Super horror, as Tomie is one twisted "B-word"witch. All the Tomie Dvd horror in one place!

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