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Clamp school detectives Vol1&2

Category: Manga
Genre: Humor
Language: English
Description: A 6th grade student and the Elementary School Board Chairman. The youngest son of the Imonoyama zaibatsu, the founders of Clamp School, he has inherited the family fondness of doing absurd things just for the sake of doing them. Nokoru has one of the top IQs in a school full of geniuses and NASA has been vying for the mind of the elementary schooler. He also has the unique ability to detect a lady in distress from two kilometers away. For this reason, he established the Clamp School Detective Agency, although this was also an incentive to get out of his Chairman duties. He is also the only one out of the three young detectives that doesn't play a sport. Nokoru also appears in Clamp's Duklyon: Clamp School Defenders, Man of Many Faces, Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle and X/1999. Nokoru Imonoyama is voiced by Akemi Okamura in Japanese and Juliet Cesario in English. by wikipedia. 1rst vol is the special edition with a color poster & the 2nd vol is a hardcover!

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