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Pixie Pop v.1

Category: Manga
Genre: Romance/Shojo
Language: English
Description: Mayu, the daughter of a cafe owner, is down-in-the-dumps and unlucky in love...until she meets Pucho, the magical fairy of beverages. Now, whenever Mayu drinks something, she transforms! But there's a catch--milk makes her grow, water turns her invisible, and pork soup turns her into a cute little piglet. But what will help her win the man of her dreams?

Rating: 13+
Condition: great. no doggy-eared pages or cracked spine.

Offered by: deathnotecupcake
Will trade for: wish list:
# Battle Royale vol. 1-15
# Death Note vol. 1 and 5-12
# Monster vol. 1-18

anything from those 3 series would be great, thanks :)
if you don't have one of those then feel free to offer anyways.

Location: San Francisco , California , United States

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