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Cantarella Volume 8

Category: Manga
Genre: Action/Adventure
Language: English
Description: Perfect condition, never read - again a duplicate. I used to work in a bookstore, so I bought a lot of volumes, never realizing I already had them :) Older teen, 16+

Cantarella is the story of Cesare Borgia, an Italian aristocrat during the Renaissance. In the manga, Cesare's father Rodrigo Borgia, a Cardinal, sells his infant son's soul to the Devil as part of a deal that will one day make him Pope (Roderigo will become Pope with the name of Alexander VI). Cesare is consequently shunned by his father, who is unable to see him as anything but an agent of darkness and reminder of his sin. Increasingly alienated, Cesare eventually comes to rely on the dark powers within himself. He becomes obsessed with the idea of conquest, and is aided in his political machinations by the assassin Don Michelotto.

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