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Gin tama 1-16

Category: Manga
Genre: Other
Language: English
Description: Volumes 1-16 are in great condition! Not a complete run but a great start to a solid series. I'm not really sure how to describe the genre of Gin tama, it's an action/adventure, humor, sci-fi compilation. The story is told in a chapter by chapter style where each chapter tends to be a different story starring initially a small set of characters which eventually grew into a larger cast of characters who star in various chapters. As the volumes go on the stories begin to have story arcs that tend to get longer as the volumes go by. The main story or basis for the series is the main character Gin is a freelancer who does odd jobs for random employers, he is a samurai who is quite strong and he ends up working with a few others in battles typically against the shinsengumi, a terrorist group (who they work together with often), aliens, etc. Now imagine the time line of the shinsengumiset in the future where the foreigners of that time are replaced by various alien species. The art is really nice and clean and the humor is definitely top tier. I don't usually have laugh-out-loud moments but Gin Tama has plenty.

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