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Category: Manga
Language: English
Description: he story involves "Alichinos," beautiful, supernatural beings hunted by humans because they have the power to grant wishes; in fact, the name means "those who entice," and the Alichinos actually feed on the souls of those who seek them out. They especially hunger for the "Kusabi," humans born with exceptionally powerful souls who are the only beings able to kill an Alichino. This opening installment introduces Tsugiri, a handsome young Kusabi who is hunted by some Alichinos and protected by others, including one in owl form who has a penchant for spouting sardonic observations. Both sides of Alichinos are mustering their forces as the book ends, so more plot complications are sure to follow. The story has a dark, magical flow to it, but its main attraction is unquestionably the art. Shurei is an award-winning artist in Japan, but this is her first outing as both writer and artist. Each page of this work is a lovely composition, full of the swirling fabric and hair typical of manga but worked into a layout that is as intriguing as it is beautiful. Her exquisitely fine line work and intense characterization enliven the story, while drawing the readers' attention from panel to panel.

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