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Avril Lavignes Make 5 Wishes

Category: Manga
Genre: Other
Language: English
Description: Hana just doesn't fit in. At school, she feels like the invisible girl. At home, she avoids her parents' arguments by retreating to her bedroom, where she spends hours online, assuming various cool, smart, sexy, and popular alter egos and kicking back with her all-time idol and very best (though only in her imagination) friend, rebel rocker Avril Lavigne. One night Hana runs across a mysterious website called Make5Wishes.com. Somehow, she can't click away- and before she knows it she's ordered a package guaranteed to make her dreams come true. Will it end up being a Pandora's box? It all depends on the lovable but wily demon inside. Is Hana sure she knows what she wants? And does she know that what you want can be very different from what you get?

Offered by: Lizzy
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