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Duck Prince (vol 3: Reincarnation)

Category: Manga
Genre: Romance/Shojo
Language: English
Description: This romance manga volume by Ai Morinaga is published by CPM manga and is a well-loved, used, ex-library book. Comes from a nonsmoking home. Rated Age 13+.

Reiichi, a teenaged boy who was very ugly and became beautiful/handsome after an accident, some surgery, and some magic, starts his life over so that no one knows who he is, but yearns after a beautiful and kind girl who actually liked the looks of the old Reiichi, who reminds her of her beloved pet dog, who is actually a sorcerer trapped inside of a dog's body. At the same time, an ugly girl falls for the now-beautiful Reiichi, and he struggles with his feelings, especially after he sees the ugly girl's suddenly beautiful eyes when she takes her glasses off.

Yeah, it's that kind of series.

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