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Ai Yori Aoshi volume 4

Category: Manga
Genre: Romance/Shojo
Language: English
Description: During orientation day at college, Kaoru Hibishi and company run into a bit of trouble when childhood friend, Mayu Miyuki, comes home to Japan after her stay in England. She gives more than just a shock to Kaoru when she kisses him on the lips as a sign of greeting. We find out that Mayu detests her father for deciding her for her, and never taking time out his busy schedule to see her. Mau's clingy personality stems from her lonely childhood, where both parents, busy in their high-end careers never took the time to listen to her. Aoi, in the meantime, is torn apart by the fact that her fiance has kissed another girl. It's during one of Tina's drunken rampages that she spills the beans, but Kaoru can't sum up the courage to face her just yet. A detailed childhood memory reveals Kaoru and Mayu's first encounter at a business party. There's an eerie shot of Kaoru bathed in blood as he attempts to console the young Mayu, encouraging her to appreciate the fact that she has parents at all. Near of end of this saga, Kaoru is finally overcome by his feeling of guilt, but when he tries to confess to Aoi, she seems confident in her trust in him and forgives him immediately. They then share a romantic kiss beneath the moo and things seem to be settled.

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