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Evil's Return, 1 - 2 (fun horror adventure)

Category: Manga
Genre: Horror
Language: English
By Jong-Kyu Lee and Hwan Shin
This one turned out to be quite a ride; a great deal more than I expected. Probably the goriest manga I've run across since Reiko the Zombie Shop, but it looks like there's going to be deeper characters and a stronger storyline here than we got there. What we know so far: a high school girl has been chosen to be the vessel for the coming of some sort of evil being into our world (no idea what yet), and that the choosing disturbed the forces so much that a lot of major world religions noticed. A monk has been dispatched to keep her safe, while the school bad boy's fallen for her. So, yeah, mostly setup, but it's certainly likable setup, and you can't go wrong with too much mayhem. Looking forward to the next few books in the series


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