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Cantarella 2

Category: Manga
Genre: Shonen-ai/Yaoi
Description: Faced with the dark truth surrounding his accursed birth, Cesare is driven over the edge of sanity, straight into the arms of Hell. Will his otherworldly transformation tear from him the last shred of humanity and leave only the ruthless conqueror in its stead? When his sister is threatened with a cruel marriage, Cesare himself may be the one who destroys the slender threads of loyalty and love that hold his family together. His only hope of salvation may lie in the mercy offered by the assassin Michelotto! From brand-new publisher Go! Comi, an imprint of Go! Media Entertainment.

Offered by: Sianeka
Will trade for: Please see my wish list. If you do not have anything on my wish list - offer anyway! Especially seeking yaoi titles with this trade.
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