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Same Cell Organism

Category: Manga
Genre: Shonen-ai/Yaoi
Language: English
Description: Excellent condition with cover.

(From Amazon) Yokota is emotional and outgoing while Nakagawa is quiet and easily embarrassed by public displays of affection. Dissimilar in attitude but very much alike in one aspect: their love for one another.

Other stories included in this collection of carefree vignettes involve an angel who becomes mortal to be with the one he loves, two loners who share a fondness for hiding out in the school attic, and a story about a high school boy in love with a college man who seemingly sees him as nothing more than the kid next door.

Featuring artwork that will leave you breathless, Same Cell Organism paints a light and heartwarming picture of how one feels when involved in a relationship. Be lost in the pages and discover how two seemingly different people can actually be very alike.

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