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Gravitation, Vol. 2

Category: Manga
Genre: Shonen-ai/Yaoi
Language: English
Description: Cute shounen-ai by Maki Murakami. Aside from light scuffs on the edges, this is in great shape. See my items list for more Gravitation volumes too. Here's Amazon's description:
"*A New Cult Classic *A romantic comedy/drama about making it in the music industry *Spawned a ton of collectibles in Japan; Soundtracks, pencil boards, calendars, phone cards, postcards, artbooks *Gravitation anime available on DVD *A forerunner in the hugely popular Shonen-Ai (boy love) category

Just when Shuichi Shindou's rock star dreams seem to be coming together, everything falls apart. His gifted guitarist Hiro quits the band, the new manager wants to take Shuichi off the keyboards, and Shuichi finds himself constantly berated by their producer. The one person he can fall back on is his biggest critic, the cynical and abrasive Yuki. But in love, as with music, the more serious things become the greater the pressure ... gravitation takes its toll."

Offered by: Yuki
Will trade for: Check out my wishlist, but keep in mind I've pretty much given up creating a comprehensive list the things I want to read. There are just too many! So please feel free to make other offers.
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