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D.N.Angel Volumes 2 & 3

Category: Manga
Genre: Romance/Shojo
Language: English
Description: Mangas in near mint condition

Volume 2: The annual midwinter hike is no walk in the park for the students of Azumano Middle School. Daisuke has been dreading the trek all year, but his one ray of hope is that he gets to show off his mountain expertise for his beloved Risa. But when Daisuke and Riku are forced off the beaten path, will their excursion turn into a real cliffhanger?

Volume 3: It's time for the St. White festival, and Daisuke has been so busy working on the festival committee that he's forgotten to get a present for his beloved Risa. His mother, in her infinite generosity, forces Daisuke to take a simple white ribbon as a gift. To top it all off, there's a story going around that if a boy gives a white ribbon to a girl and ties it for her on St. White, they will fall in love.

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