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50 Rules for Teenagers 1

Category: Manga
Genre: Humor
Description: The desire for a normal teenage life haunts Mi-Roo. While most people her age are having fun, with little or no worries, Mi-Roo is stuck playing the role of student, homemaker, and full-time babysitter to her siblings. With a mother who is gone more than half of the time and a twin brother who serves only as a hindrance, Mi-Roo is trapped in a constant balancing act of housework and schoolwork. She's no super-hero, though, and it will take more than her undaunted determination to stay afloat! Mi-Roo doesn't mind all this responsibility, but when she meets Ma-Roo's handsome buddy Chang-Soo, she finally realizes that she wants something more from life. But in a world of worry and responsibility, can teenage Mi-Roo find time for love?

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