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Rave Master 2

Category: Manga
Genre: Humor
Description: For age 7+. What a way to start a quest! No sooner did Haru Glory accept his destiny as the new Rave Master, than his sword, the legendary Ten Powers, shattered into a thousand pieces after fighting his first enemy. Now he has to travel to the Continent of Song to have Musica the blacksmith reforge his blade. Haru's first stop-Hip Hop Town, a shady burg run by the gaseous goon Georco. Without his Ten Powers sword, Haru is virtually defenseless. To make matters worse, his guide, Plue, has been dognapped and entered in a deadly dog race! If Haru is going to get out of this jam, he will need a friend. Who would have guessed that his only hope lies in a hot-headed, amnesiac tomboy with a talent for gambling? Elie might not be ideal friend material, but in times like these, Haru will take what he can get!

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