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Confidential Confessions, vol. 1

Category: Manga
Genre: Drama
Language: English
Description: Condition: Fair, Rated: OT for Older Teen, Age 16+

Volume 1 comprises two compelling stories. In 'The Door,' Manatsu is totally bored with life, so she decides to slit her wrists and end it all. However, her suicide attempt is unsuccessful. After Manatsu's released from the hospital, she meets another girl from school who is also suicidal. Because her arms are as skinny as asparagus stalks, Manatsu calls her 'Asparagus.' Together, Manatsu and Asparagus plot and plan a joint suicide. But, in the end, nothing goes according to plan ... and when one of the friends dies, the other realizes that suicide isn't the answer, after all. In 'Mistakes,' Yoshioka is a teen prostitute and runaway who doesn't believe in love. Everything changes when she meets a street performer named Ryo who loves her for who she truly is. But when she turns one last trick to pay the bills, she risks losing everything. Will their love conquer all?!

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