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Final Fantasy International + Last Mission Piano Score

Category: Other
Language: Japanese
Description: This is a Piano Score for the Final Fantasy game. It is in excellent condition as I rarely used it before. It contains a mixture of best final fantasy music throughout the series starting at FF1 to FFX-2. There are about 3-5 music score for each game. Examples of them are: Tifa's Theme, Aerith's Theme, You're Not Alone, Melodies of Life, Ami, Eyes on You, Sudeki da Ne, Real Emotion etc... There are some easy scores, but most of them can be hard. There are English translation at the content for the music title.

Offered by: shiichi
Will trade for: Please see my wish list. If you do not have anything on my wish list - offer anyway!
This book is very heavy weighted and cost a bit.. So trading for 1 manga isn't going to be enough is it? XD
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