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(3) Gundam Wing Doujinshi

Category: Manga
Genre: Shonen-ai/Yaoi
Language: Japanese
Description: I'm not sure what the titles are, since I can't read Japanese. The covers feature either Duo, or Heero and Duo. They look to me like shounen-ai or yaoi doujinshi from Gundam Wing, just judging from the fact that I own them and they say 1x2 on them and such on them. Here are some descriptions of what they look like:

One of them says "XMAS" and DUO X HEERO and has a picture of Duo and Heero holding a heart-shaped box with the words "HAPPY VALENTINE DUO & HEERO" on the front cover. The back cover has Duo and Heero sprawled with a bottle of champagne and a cake with strawberries and a small wreath on it.

The second one says "GUNDAM.W. 1X2" and has a picture of Heero holding a ping pong paddle (?) on one side, and "SUMMER 2001" with a picture of Duo holding a matching paddle on the back cover.

The third one has no English text on the cover but has a beautiful almost crinkly paper texture and a lovely watercolor-esque drawing that continues on the back cover of Duo holding a blue flower with his hair splayed everywhere, and a dark blue ribbon ensnaring one of his wrists. This cover is very pretty.

If anyone has an interest in them, I can take them out of the plastic protecting them to look at the insides. I'd take pictures if I could just find the stupid power cord for my camera to charge it, sorry .-.

They've been sitting on my shelf for years now. They come from a nonsmoking home, and the language is Japanese for each of the dj. They are all oversized in height and width and are thin like normal for doujinshi. I think I got them from Otakon way back when. Their condition is very good, and they have been stored in protective plastic in a cool, dry environment.

Offered by: Argh
Will trade for: Just about anything Kaito from Vocaloid, I would love it. Or possibly yaoi, or something else ^^ Just make me an offer, I'm pretty friendly. Or money o.o so I can buy Kaito stuff o.o I'd kind of like to see these go to a good home with someone who loves Gundam Wing.
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