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Confidential Confessions, vol. 3

Category: Manga
Genre: Drama
Language: English
Description: Condition: Fair, Rated: OT for Older Teen, Age 16+

Kyoko is a pretty normal high school girl. She tries hard in school, but can't seem to get good grades, and her parents are putting a lot of pressure on her. She always feels left out, and she thinks she's fat. One day, she gets involved with a groups of kids who are doing drugs. She tries some speed, and at first she feels like she's on top of the world. She's able to stay up all night studying so she gets good grades, and she starts to slim down. But as she slides deeper and deeper into addiction, it gets harder and harder for her to get out, and she finds herself so desperate for drugs that she'd do anything for them. It will take all the love her parents and friends can muster to help her kick her habit.

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