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Lycanthrope Leo

Category: Manga
Genre: Action/Adventure
Language: English
Description: Leo Takizawa is the star of his high school track team. On his seventeenth birthday, he breaks Carl Lewis's record. Impossible? But this is only the first of the extraordinary abilities Leo begins to manifest. Unfortunately, he learns the painful truth about himself the hard way...

Lew is not human buy "lycanthrope," a being capable of transforming into an animal, with all its heightened senses, physical prowess - and blood lust! Worse, he and his brethren, the "Blood Tribe of the Beast," are hunted down by all who fear - and envy - them.

Now Leo's very life depends upon his abilities to distinguish between his allies and enemies, both of whom walk the corridors of his high school. As a member of the "Tribe of the Lion," the most powerful of all lycanthropes, Leo must learn to control his extraordinary powers to avoid revealing himself. But when school bullies attack his best friend, does he have any choice but to unleash the beast within?

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