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Evangelion 1.0 Movie Pamphlet

Category: Manga
Genre: Magazines
Language: Japanese
Description: Since one of my ebayers decided to give me a wrong address a few months ago and therefore had me refund them and the item got sent back to me, I've decided to give you guys a chance at this before I put it back up on ebay. This is the book that sold within theatres during the original run of Eva 1.0. It is a bit battered since it got shipped back the slow way (fold on bottom of the cover corner), but is otherwise in good condition and not harmed.

I need a really good trade for this, since I lost money on it. Offer what you have (hint, aim for my wishlist!). :3

Offered by: usagi
Will trade for: Please see my wish list. If you do not have anything on my wish list - offer anyway!
Location: Orange , CA , United States

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