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Dost Thou Know?

Category: Manga
Genre: Shonen-ai/Yaoi
Language: English
Description: Rivals, friends... and something more. Tsurugi and Katsuomi bring passion, dedication and hours of practice into every kendo match. Fighting comes naturally, but matters of the heart create a different battle. As their younger rothers Masaomi and Saya draw closer, it looks like the next generaton may also follow in the family footsteps. Victory is decided in a split-second... who will come out on top?

The playful passion of competition ignites every page of Dost Thou Know? Two sets of brothers become heated rivals for the respect, affectionate attention and much more. The ultimate prize for the victor? A chance at the kind of love that never knows defeat. Take a ringside seat... the first round is about to begin!

Offered by: Sianeka
Will trade for: Please see my wish list. If you do not have anything on my wish list - offer anyway! I prefer another yaoi title for this trade but will consider other offers as well.
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