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Desert Coral, Vol. 2

Category: Manga
Genre: Action/Adventure
Language: English
Description: Naoto starts to feel more and more at home in Orgos, the world of his dreams, than in the real, waking world. Magic-user Lusia awakens to the voice of Lucavifate that rings out within her-in a voice that tells her to kill their oppressors, the Elphis. It looks like she's going to lose total control, but then she realizes that there's something that can help keep her in check - Naoto. Naoto continues to be chided for his lack of progress in his magical training. He can't seem to get things to work when he wants, but when he least expects it, magical powers manifest themselves - sometimes disastrously! Naoto works himself into a fever trying to master the magical arts. Meanwhile, the Elphis start to realize the threat that Lusia poses - and prepare to take action. Will Naoto be able to focus his power long enough to help?

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