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Blue Inferior

Category: Manga
Genre: Other
Language: English
Description: In a world virtually destroyed by environmental pollution, life is sparse and grim, with only a few civilized societies remaining in small, scattered pockets. Earth is no longer a lush variety of landscapes, but rather, a series of contaminated deserts. Stories of vicious subhumans keep the inhabitants of tiny oases nervous and apprehensive. They are in no way welcoming to outsiders, not even those such as Marine, a young girl who washes up on the shore. Remembering nothing of her past, and all alone, she is found and befriended by Kazuya, a young boy who loves the sea and has a natural curiosity about the outside world. But the rest of Kazuya?s community is not so hospitable, and Marine is soon imprisoned by people who believe her to be a subhuman creature. It is up to Kazuya to help her escape and uncover the mystery of her past.

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