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Innocent W, Vol. 2   Edit this encyclopedia entry Change image
Category: Manga
Rating: olderteen
Publisher: Tokyopop
Product Details: MSRP:$9.99, Pages: 224, , ISBN: 1-59816-842-8, EAN: 978-1-59816-842-6, Item Num: TPBK-16842
Description: Makoto, the uncanny super-sleuth who was sent on an ill-fated witch hunt, is not everything he seems to be--and a hidden dark side might manifest itself in the most wicked of ways as he and the girls try to find their way to safety. When he reunites with the mysteriously invincible Mahiro, she finds that she may have feelings for Makoto. Meanwhile, Rinko encounters a mysterious hooded man who is a student of the dark arts...and has come to teach someone a horrific lesson in forgiveness.

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