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Raiser of Gales Vampire Hunter D vol 2   Edit this encyclopedia entry Change image
Category: Manga
Subcategory: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Publisher: Dark Horse
Product Details:
Description: Produced in conjunction with Digital Manga Publishing, the second volume of the popular Japanese series Vampire Hunter D comes to America in Vampire Hunter D: Volume 2. In the year 12090 A.D., vampires stalk humans, feeding off their blood. Fearful of daytime, the vampires have ruled the night for 300 years—but now they may have discovered how to become immune to sunlight. Near Tsepech, a village imprisoned by the shadow of an abandoned vampire castle, four human children went missing for ten years. When the children returned, they were followed by vampires that could hunt in the daylight. After years of dread the humans now turn to the vampire hunter known only as D to unravel the mystery and banish the vampires to the night. What he uncovers is more horrifying than any could have imagined. Vampire Hunter D: Volume 2 is packed with Japanese horror-master Hideyuki Kikuchi's heart-pounding prose and tumultuous twists. Beautiful illustrations by video game and comics veteran Yoshitaka Amano complete the volume, accenting the book's lively story.

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Raiser of Gales Vampire Hunter D vol 2