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Midori Days, Premium DVD Box Set   Edit this encyclopedia entry Change image
Category: Anime
Subcategory: Humor
Publisher: Media Blasters
Product Details:
Description: UPC: 631595061673
Notes: 3-DVD set


Seiji "Mad Dog" Sawamura is the ultimate high school punk. With his super-strong invincible right hand, he can punch through cement walls or entire street gangs. As for how he got his right hand that strong... well, he's got some problems getting a girlfriend.

Just when he thinks his only girlfriend will be his right hand, his right hand becomes an actual girl! Midori Kasunago wished she could be by Seiji's side, and ends up attached to his wrist. Seiji's fighting days may be over, but his girl trouble is just beginning!

Entered by: Sana_chan5   On: May 7, 2007
Last edited by: mangatude   On: May 8, 2007

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