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Angel Diary, vol. 3   Edit this encyclopedia entry Change image
Category: Manga
Subcategory: Romance/Shojo
Publisher: Ice Kunion
Product Details:
Description: ISBN: 89-527-4482-9

ART BY: Kara
STORY BY: Yoon-Hee Lee
GENRE: Fantasy/Romance
RATING: Teen Age 13+

A fight between the members of four guardians of Heaven breaks out as Woo-Hyun battles to win Ah-Hin’s heart with Ee-Jung, who’s always so protective of his sister! As more characters from heaven and hell come to the human world for the search of our run-away angel princess, Dong-Young, she is feeling more pressured. Her mysterious classmate, Bi-Wal, turns out to have a fiancé who also came to the human world to find the Angel princess of Heaven. Will Dong-Young finally get caught?

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