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Harlem Beat, vol.2   Edit this encyclopedia entry Change image
Category: Manga
Subcategory: Sports
Publisher: Tokyopop
Product Details:
Description: Toru had always wanted to be a hero -the center of attention- But whenever he tried something new, he would always give up, thinking he wasn't good enough. In high school, he enters the basketball team. As usual he ends up on the bench. Toru's childhood friend, Mizuki Kusuda, introduces him to street basketball. When Toru manages to throw the ball into the hoop in a match against Shu, the street basketball champion and member of "Three Men," something changes inside. He realizes that "if he only has the guts to carry through something without giving up, his dream will come true." He teams up with Sawamura, a fabulous 3-point shooter and wins more "3-on-3" matches. Toru's devotion to basketball affects everyone around him and his basketball team soon enters the national games.

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Harlem Beat, vol.2