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9 Faces of Love (Manwha Novella Collection), vol. 2   Edit this encyclopedia entry Change image
Category: Other
Subcategory: Romance/Shojo
Publisher: NetComics
Product Details:
Description: Manhwa Novella Collection- an anthology of shorter works from the most prominent Korean comic authors! Volume 2: "9 faces of Love" contains nine popular shorter works by Wann, the author of "Can't Lose you"

Wann's colorful short takes on love depict the most vexing of human emotions in all its guises:

- Ch.1: Return of Princess Rouana
- Ch.2: Believe Ye Your Eyes?
- Ch.3: A Short Game about a Chance Encounter
- Ch.4: Automaton
- Ch.5: A Cold
- Ch.6: Purple Eyes
- Ch.7: Leucadian
- Ch.8: Mint Flavor
- Ch.9: A Flying Lesson

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9 Faces of Love (Manwha Novella Collection), vol. 2