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Whistle!, Vol. 4   Edit this encyclopedia entry Change image
Category: Manga
Subcategory: Sports
Publisher: Viz
Product Details:
Description: Everybody has a dream, and for junior high school student Shoc; Kazamatsuri, that dream is simple: he wants to get off the bench and play soccer. An inspiration to everyone he meets,the indefatigable spark plug won't quit until he becomes the best soccer player he can be! After playing an incredible and inspirational match against their cross-town rivals, the gang at Josui Junior High is now fielding queries from players who want to join their team. One of these hopefuls is Yuki Kojima, the team's pretty manager. She's not only cute and sweet but she's also an awesome soccer player to boot. Slowly but surely, Shoc; is surrounding himself with a bunch of all-star all he has to do is find a coach!

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